Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages

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Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages


wedding dress for second marriageIt’s your second marriage and you are heading to be a bride again. You have many choices of the wedding dresses for second marriages that may fit your individual situation.  Don’t feel panic. Enjoy about your upcoming wedding – a goodbye to your past and an embrace of a new promising life. You deserve the happiness. With second marriages accounting over 30 percent of all marriages today, many of the old traditions are changing.  Just follow your heart and choose your favorite bridal gown.

Are you sure about what’s acceptable and what’s not for an encore bride? Don’t you know how to choose an appropriate wedding dress? Etiquette does exist and you need to know it.

A semi-formal or informal wedding is usually chosen rather that a large formal wedding if it is a brides second marriage. Usually for this case only close friends and relative attend.  Then occasionally a more formal wedding can be chosen, if a bride has never had a formal wedding or does not have children.  A church, chapel, home, club or hotel may be the setting for a second marriage. Traditionally there should be a maid or matron-of-honor as well as a best man, but there need not be groomsmen, ushers or bridesmaids.

organza Applique V Neck Plus Size Wedding Dress4A brides dress for a second marriage could be romantically feminine, lacy or tailored, mid-calf, ankle length, white or ivory or maybe pastel. Whatever you choose will according to the formality of your ceremony and the time of day you have chosen. You may desire to carry either a bouquet or fresh-cut flowers. Brides used to wear a semi-formal or casual dress for second marriage. Recently the formality of the bridal gown and the wedding ceremony is decided by the newly-weds.  A second marriage doesn’t mean to stay away from an amazing wedding.  Follow your heart!

White dress or else? White color is almost universally used for traditional wedding dresses as it signifies purity and virginity.  Some traditional moms or aunts will be shocked to see you in a white wedding dress. Turn to other popular colors like pastels if you are a conservative lady or you think white is boring.  For these brides-to-be who prefer to stay in the white color family, try ivory, ecru or cream.  Go for it if you really want a white bridal gown.  Many a first time bride have taken their own stroll down the isle wearing white since that time. It was at one time considered uncouth to be a second time bride and wear white.  However, in this day and time, you are still a new bride at the time of your wedding.  You also have a beautiful heart full of love and kindness to dress in white to show your pure heart and sincere love for your loved one.

Veils, especially long veils, are reserved for first time brides. It’s inappropriate for an encore bride to wear a veil.  There is no regret as you have many other options. Modern hat, fresh flower, stunning feather fascinator, special hair jewelry or headband … There must be one you like. Choose a piece of beautiful headwear to show off your unique flair.

Trains are not suitable in this case. Try a short and simple one to draw people’s attention away from it if you stick to a train. The point is your wedding dress should reflect your very own personality as well as your fashion sense, your lifestyle and keep with the tone of your wedding theme.

Keep in mind your feeling and happiness is the most important. A second wedding can be as special as you want. Remember, you are celebrating the start to a new life and you can celebrate in the fashion that you feel comfortable.

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