Do Girdles Reshape Your Body?

Do girdles reshape your body?

Girdle such as full body shaper, strapless body shaper etc are type of clothing which goes under the street clothes. It is made using a lot of carefully shaped, strong elastic which helps mold your body into one streamlined shape.  When you have a streamlined shape, even if it doesn’t remove many inches from the waist you will still look slimmer.  This is because people generally perceive rolls as indicating that a person is “fat”.

We have to commit that not everyone can be thin in the traditional sense. We come in all kinds of body types, sizes and weights that might not be what you want to be.   Don’t be discouraged from what you are and not try to get unhealthy thin.  Most of times when you see your friends or even celebrities wear dresses that would look better on them not because of their weight but their body is not into one streamlined shape.  The important part is to avoid the trouble spots – stomachs, behinds, hips, and even thighs.  Don’t make you look like a sausage roll, your beautiful dress will be ruined because the stomach is pouching out a little at the waist or trouble spots are not streamlined.


Why Powernet Body Girdle is the solution?

Powernet body girdle has been able to prove it is the solution. Powernet is a technological breakthrough in textile industry.  It is woven in hexagonal way like gauze, it will not hinder the circulation so skin is free to breathe and in addition of providing different grade of compression and does not slider or stretch readily.

This fabric provides different powers to work for designate part of body which was used on prescription items for burned patients to help restore elasticity burned area.  It was also the first material used in varicose veins patients to help reduce and alleviate bulging.  It extends its footprint to orthopedic garment of girdle after surgery and recently started to be used in shape wear.

It is important of investing a quality girdle – powernet body girdle with the different grade of compression in different area which slim the parts of your body that you think of as trouble spots – stomaches, behinds, hips and thighs.  It helps your dress to lie flat against your skin, tuck the unruly parts of your body back to where they should be so that you can feel confident and special in your fancy occasion dress wear and make you look like a glamorous red carpel princess.

Benefits to using powernet in girdles:

It helps the body in posture by preventing the accumulation of fattiness abdomen, keep your skin firm and not sagging.Prevent breast bulge by keeping the position firm Help prevent muffin tops Help buttocks against gravity by lifting them up where they should be Help to mold your body making your appearance seem slimmer The most important benefit is that it helps your skin recuperate its elasticity by keeping your skin tightly tucked in, even though it doesn’t happen overnight but it could be a miracle worker by continue using. The powernet girdle is good for all adult who want to take care their body shape

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